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The complex and multitude of legislations governing Public/Private Charitable Trust, Private and Charitable Companies, Co-operative Societies and Educational Institutions coupled with stringent and coercive actions, has thrown challenges before the organizing bodies of these institutions. To cope-up with these challenges, we need to engage services of professionals who will give focused attention in meeting these requirements thus providing best support for our clients. We have our own team of dedicated professionals who are committed to provide quality and hassle free service to clients. We ensure that our clients get the best and timely service.

Lex Eye Services Pvt Ltd – Educational Institution Registration Services

  • 1. Educational institutions are facing various complex problems in legal and academic compliances of requirements. Various authorities like A.I.C.T.E., D.T.E., U.G.C., University, C.B.S.E., S.S.C. etc. have imposed various restrictions and compliances in addition to directions from the Hon’ble High Court and the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Most institutions are either not aware of the same, or find it difficult to get the exact idea about the same and to manage the compliances procedures.
  • 2. We have a team of legal experts in educational laws, and academicians having vast experience in dealing with these issues.
  • 3. Therefore, the following services are provided by us:–
    • a) Scrutiny and guidance for maintenance of the compliances of the legal requirements in educational laws, statutes, and directives by the Education Authorities.
    • b) Academic audit in order to evaluate the academic performance and lacunæ in the same.
    • c) We have developed a systematic composite programme for legal and academic audit of the mandatory educational compliances and legal requirements to be followed by educational institutions at primary, secondary, junior college, senior college, and also technical institutions and professional courses. This is required, since, for each course/ faculty the compliance are different, and a detailed auditing of the same is carried out.
      Benefit: This benefits the trustees to know about the lacunæ in the compliances by the educational institutions, and we provide further help and guidance for making these compliances, to the educational institutions.
  • 4. In addition to the same, Lex-Eye has an expert team and can provide you help, guidance and support in the following activities.
    • a) Opening of the educational institute – KG to PG – as well as expansion of the activities of division, faculties, etc.
      Permission / N.O.C. from the State Government for opening of the institute and compliances including affiliation and recognitions of the competent authorities such as C.B.S.E., I.B. in case of secondary schools, and D.T.E. and A.I.C.T.E. in case of senior colleges.
    • b) Issues pertaining to accreditation from various authorities such as SAAC, NAAC, etc.
    • c) For obtaining minority-status for institutes which fulfil those standards.
    • d) Introduction of systems of accounting and internal and statutory audit including preparation of budget-reports, financial reports, etc.
    • e) Preparation of service-conditions, code of conduct, disciplinary rules for institutes to be made in consonance with the prevailing statutory rules.
    • f) Handling litigations of employees pertaining to seniority, supersession, disciplinary inquiries, suspension, termination etc.
    • g) With respect to preparation and maintenance of service-book and essential records pertaining to employees, including help in calculation of increments, pension papers etc.
    • h) Quality-assurance which will include academic, financial and administrative quality of the organization including raising of funds from various sources and authorities such as D.T.E., U.G.C., university etc.
      • i) Extension of educational links with foreign universities and collaboration-agreements, tie-ups etc.
      • j) Image-building, procurements for educational institutions.