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The complex and multitude of legislations governing Public/Private Charitable Trust, Private and Charitable Companies, Co-operative Societies and Educational Institutions coupled with stringent and coercive actions, has thrown challenges before the organizing bodies of these institutions. To cope-up with these challenges, we need to engage services of professionals who will give focused attention in meeting these requirements thus providing best support for our clients. We have our own team of dedicated professionals who are committed to provide quality and hassle free service to clients. We ensure that our clients get the best and timely service.

Efficient Public And Private Trust Management Only At Lex Eye Services Pvt Ltd

  • 1. Formation & Registration of Trust and Societies
  • 2. Registration under section 12A/80G/35AC/35(1)(ii) and (iii) of Income Tax Act, 1961
  • 3. Registration under FCRA with Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India
  • 4. AMC for maintenance and guidance of statutory registers and records
  • 5. Amendments to the constitution
  • 6. Amalgamation of two or more trust
  • 7. Filing and prosecution of change reports to logical end
  • 8. Obtaining various permissions from Charity Commissioner for Sale, Lease, Loan etc
  • 9. Work as Trustee Management Company
  • 10. Guidance with respect to Right To Information (R.T.I) Act
  • 11. Guidance with respect to obtaining funding under C.S.R. from government and non-government organizations
  • 12. Preparation and presentation of project reports before authorities for availing funding
  • 13. Internal & statutory audits of trust by statutory auditors
  • 14. Help and guidance in updation of previous records and registers of trust & societies
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