Best Statutory Compliance Services To Avoid Legal Liabilities

After getting acquainted with the basic concept and composition of the trust, we discuss with the concerned trustees / officers to appreciate present manner of working and the degree of compliance achieved.

Lex-Eye Services has a dedicated team of lawyers, legal draftsmen, Company Secretaries , secretaries, Chartered Accountants, etc.

After the client approaches us, our officers first get themselves acquainted with the constitution of the organization and its basic documentation, and the issues involved. For that purpose, we ask for the basic mandatory documents from you. If they are not available, we have the machinery to procure them from the competent authorities as per the requirements. Based on the same, a detailed inspection and scrutiny is taken, to know about the issues involved and to find out the lacunæ in the working, and a detailed report thereof is prepared. For that purpose, an actual visit is organised with the concerned office-bearers of the Trust/Society/ Company, and based upon the same, an issue-based report is drafted and sent to the concerned trustees with the possible solution to come out from the difficulties faced.

All active help is provided to regularize the working and to see that the mandatory compliance are properly complied with and no legal consequences arise, bringing the trust, trustees in problem. The mandatory compliances, which are regularly to be complied are complied of AMC basis. Also the changes which are required to be reported to the office of the Charity Commissioner are taken care of. We also help in preparation of budgets and regular auditing of account and submission of the same with the office of Charity Commissioner. We also arrange for obtaining the exemption under Income Tax Act, Finance Act, etc.

In the working / administration of the Trust, many times it is observed that necessary and important agreements are not entered into. We take care to bring this lacuna to the notice of the trustees and help to draft suitable agreements, M.o.U.s, joint ventures, etc. within the framework of the charity laws and company laws in case of charitable companies and private limited companies.


Similar work is carried out for legal and educational compliances of legal and academic audits, and the services are provided on annual maintenance contract (A.M.C.) basis. We also undertake specific works ad help educational organisations for their compliances, on tailormade basis.

For that purpose, we study the requirements of the organisation, their expectations, the problems faced by tem, and providing tailormade solutions, e.g. obtaining minority-status, help in presentation for accreditation, representations before the Education Authorities, etc.

Similarly regarding the trust running Educational Activities, we have prepared an Information Bank, which helps to provide the information about the various committees as well as Rules & Regulations relating to affiliation, approval, grants services conditions, mandatory deposits, visits of the various committees, etc. to the education Institutes. We also undertake the AMC for scrutinizing the mandatory records and to get lacunae removed, so as to keep the administration of the educational institutes transparent and efficient. Also the advices on various educational issues are provided by our expert team.